Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Road to being the Saviour of Eriador: part one

The first step I took in completing the Saviour of Eriador was to defeat Thaurlach. The story line for this is pretty interesting, and introduces you to one of my favorite elves Glathlirel. Just look at her outfit! The fight was fairly easy, we ran it with two 85s (a loremaster and a champion) and two 75s (a ministrel (Tig) and a warden). I don't think you could complete this with any less people (maybe 3) because of the levers that need to be pulled when fighting Thaurlach. The two 85s knew what they were doing so that also made the run a lot easier.
It makes me a little sad that this was so easy. According to my friends who ran me this used to be a big deal and people would gather for the turn in of this quest. I know content is constantly getting out-leveled but I still think it's sad when a 12 man raid can be completed by 4 people. Oh well now I'm one step closer to getting my Dunedain war-steed.

Monday, December 9, 2013

So I'm a pretty terrible blogger...

Narmaleth and I, one of my favorite story lines in LOTRO thus far
April was the last update. Oh wow. I did play a lot this summer. Tig is now level 77 (almost 78). I've completed the Epic Quest Volume 1, finished World Renowned meta deed this week, started on getting my Dunland and Theodred's Riders reps up. I haven't done Mirkwood yet, mostly because the thought of grinding for two mounts after just getting my Galahadrim steed this week (I've had max rep with them for months) sets my teeth on edge. I've started to work on my Savior of Eriador meta deed, which I think I might create a little guide about. I'll get to work screen capping the herd as well. Maybe do a page. Who knows. It could also be months before I post anything else. That's also likely. It seems like a lot of LOTRO blogs are going that way. Danania posts maybe once or twice a month if we're lucky (I miss her posts the most I think), CSTM is now CSTMM with barely any LOTRO content and sadly LOTRO players doesn't really replace that, the Khazad Gaurd is gone. Almost all guides are outdated for leveling. Sometimes, as much as I love the game, I get a little sad that it's not bigger like WoW. I don't miss WoW, but I do miss the community that was there. And enough rambling from me, I have some steeds to catch ;)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekly Update: all the ponies are belong to me!

 So on Monday I finished off my Rangers of Esteldín rep by killing hundreds of orcs. The majority of my ponies are earned through a great deal of death. The Rangers have been one of the hardest to reach Kindred with and I would recommend questing as much of it as you can. At level 43 Tig didn't aggro the majority of the mobs in Dol Dinen so that made my job easier. 

I then parked myself in Bree in anticipation of the anniversary festival. I decided to finish off my Bree rep which was really easy at 43. I think I managed to reach kindred within 2 or 3 hours of just grinding mobs. With Bree now out of the way I'm 6/11 reps towards World Renowned.

 On Tuesday I logged in eagerly at 6:30am for the festival... and waited... and waited... finally it kicked off at 10am and I quickly got my first festival steed. I mostly did this through the quests and the repeatable fireworks quest in bree.

For the 40 tokens I needed for the fireworks laden steed I did the beer battle on expert over... and over... and over... I'm still not at the title deed but I'm sure I'll get there by the end of the festival.
 I thought that would be it for steeds (as of writing this on Sunday morning I'm 0/6 on getting the envelope steeds) but on Thursday night the sale for next week was an additional 25% off on anything in the LOTRO store and in addition to the 20% on steeds from the week prior it was too good an opportunity to pass up.
 I only got two of the premium mounts (the ones with the warsteed cosmetics) because of price. The Loremaster's steed is just so pretty I couldn't resist. Tigridie being a minstrel clearly required the Steed of the Minstrel as well.

 I also picked up the Revellers Guilded Steed with the matching cosmetics. The next day when I did the envelope quest the Revellers Guilded warsteed cosmetic dropped as well. I won't be able to use it for a few more levels, but I'm glad I was able to snag it. All in all 7 ponies in one week is a little extreme, I think I'm going to have to use a mod to start managing all of these ponies!

Next week: continue to pray for mount drops from the envelopes and finish up festival deeds. Maybe move onto Angmar to start levelling and Council of the North rep grinding. Hopefully finish off volume 1 book 5 of the epic quest line.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly update: I'm back!

Oh hello there, long time no see. My game play screeched to a halt with March madness (aka every single essay being due in one month) but now that school is practically done (minus those pesky exams) I've rushed back into Middle Earth!

This week I hit Kindred with the Wardens of Annúminas early on, mostly through questing. Apparently this region used to be tough to get through but with the new boat system it was very easy. Quest Rep stacked like crazy so this one was a breeze.

Today I hit Kindred with the Elves of Rivendell, something that took a bit of a grind. I killed what felt like a million wrights (it was over the deed limit that's for sure) but managed to finish it. I still have a couple of quests to do for the deed and half of book 4 so I could have waited for it, but I wanted it done.

Next up: maybe finishing up with Rangers of Esteldín tomorrow. We'll see, I might grind and I can always tailor for it. But starting Tuesday it's the Anniversary festival and I'll be focusing my attention on getting the mounts for that as well as some deeds.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Update: Not much...

This week was heavy with school work so I only managed to spend around 5 hours in total game time. Tig made it to level 35, and I gave up on questing in the North Downs because the rep gains were coming so slowly (I'm Acquaintance standing with the Rangers of Esteldin). I moved over to Evendim and got to Acquaintance with the Wardens of Annuminas within about 2 hours of questing. Much better. Plus their pony is cuter ;)
Before I left the Lone Lands I was killing drakes and saw these two cudding and took a snapshot.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Recap: Kindred with the Eglain

The Prized Eglain Steed
I wasn't expecting to finish the Eglain rep this weekend. I wanted to avoid crafting my way to kindred like I did with Mathom because that was a pain. I quested my way for most of the rep, but I'll admit I got tired of Lone Lands at level 34 and finished it up with some Hearty Onion Soup quests (only about 30 or so to finish up the rep). I still have to go back and finish a few deeds, mostly slayer ones but I'm not overly concerned about that. I also finished off book 2 so I'm that much closer to the Grey steed.
Posing majestically in the North Downs
This next week will be a lot slower for rep and leveling due to school being back in session. Poor Tig will be cooling her heels for a while, but on the plus side rested XP!
I'm debating about buying the Steed of the Khandolar in the shop, but am unsure as to whether or not it will come back. They also have four steeds on sale for around 1000 TP which I have. I might do one of the sale mounts because that way I'm not spending anymore real money other than my $10 a month subscription fee.

Rep with the Rangers of Esteldin.
Rep with Wardens of Annuminas.  

Friday, February 22, 2013

Kindred with Mathom Society

lotro, mathom, mount, steed, mirth
Tigridie on her new mount
 I thought I'd start off my first post about my recent obsession. What is that you ask? Well that would be my darling little pony above! Her name is Mirth, and requires Kindred with the Mathom Society to get her. She's my very first rep mount so I'm pretty proud of her. It's took a lot, and I mean a lot, of Strawberry Desert Wine to get to Kindred. Especially because I went about it the not so smart way and just made them instead of questing for the extra bonus. Which would have required me to wait until level 30. Patience is not my strong suit. But that's ok, I managed to get a lot of crafting mastered while grinding towards this beauty.

lotro, mathom, mount, steed, mirth
Just look at her! She's perfect for my little minstrel. Next goal: Elgin rep grinding for their mount. Thankfully in that level range so doing a ton of quests to get that up before I resort to the Hearty Onion Soup way.